Paul & Andrew are finally married!

Thanks for joining us on our wedding tour!

  • Our biggest congratulations to you both, and we are thrilled to be there to witness your vows. Biggest hugs ever. – Shane
  • Congrats!!! Looking forward to celebrating this special day with the both of you. – Aly
  • Hope you all the best and very happy for you! Love you! Ulrich & Toufic
  • Congratulations to you both, I am very happy for you! Hugs, Allen
  • Congratulations Paul and Andrew! – Kuni & Ryoko
  • Congratulations Andrew and Paul! We're so looking forward to this wonderful celebration! Love, Helmut and Teresa
  • Congratulations! – Robert
  • Congratulations guys. I am so happy and excited for you. Thank you for the invitation. – Yasser
  • Congratulations Paul & Andrew. We are honored to be included in your special day, See you in Vancouver. Gerry & John
  • Very much looking forward to the wedding... love you guys and I am so happy for you...HUGE HOMO HUGS!!!! – Ted
  • Congratulations to our long time friends . Very happy for you and wishing both of you happiness ever after – Patricia & Sing
  • Congratulation for both – Jacques
  • Truly excited and happy for both of you and am delighted to be part of your journey. Stay blessed – Fazilat
  • Thank you so much! I so look forward to celebrating the love of two wonderful friends. It will be magical! Love, Pat
  • Congratulations Guys! I'm already looking forward to it! – Scott
  • Paul and Andrew, we are thrilled and honoured to be a part of your celebration! Wouldn't miss it! – David and Collette
  • Congratulations and thanks for the invite. John and I are looking forward to attending you mentioned on your special day. – Michael
  • Cary and I are so excited for you both. We would be honored to attend your Vancouver celebration – Mickael & Cary
  • Very much looking forward to this! Congratulations – Allen
  • Congratulations.... what a great way to celebrate! – Richard
  • Dariusz and I are excited to experience the wonderful party you have planned for your special day! – David
  • Congratulations! Very happy for you both, Paul and Andrew. You are a perfect couple. Thank you for including us on your very special day. – Jennifer
  • Congratulations to you both! So sweet you guys finally tying the knots! Looking forward to seeing you at your lovely wedding in Vancouver. – Iris
  • So excited!! A huge congratulations to you both. I'm just so happy for you guys – Heidi
  • Looking so forward to sharing such a special occasion!!! – Dave & Laura
  • Thank you for the invitation, and what a great way to do it. I feel really honored. All the best and enjoy all the parties!! – Niels
  • I can't wait. Congratulations and love! – Darwin
  • CONGRATS! Have a blast and many more happy years! xo d&r
  • What fantastic News Guys x – Chaka
  • Congratulations, we will be there for sure. Thank you for the invitation. Helen & Vincent
  • See y'all in a few days – Veitch
  • This is fun wedding RSVP! – Richard
  • We are so very privileged to be part of your celebration and bond! Thank you so very much for considering us my friends! Much love!!! – Jeff
  • Congratulations Uncle Andrew & Uncle Paul! – Emily


Saturday April 22nd, 2017

Our first wedding was held in Vancouver at the world renowned Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. Surrounded by priceless museum pieces in Vancouver’s natural beauty, we are proud to have had this opportunity to host our celebrations here.


Saturday July 8th, 2017

Our next reception was held in beautiful Holland. We all had an amazing time and thank you all for coming so far on our journey!


Saturday October 7th, 2017

Our final destination was in Florida with a ceremony and reception held at our home. Thank you so much for coming everyone!

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